samedi 15 mars 2008

Going to school. Jodhpur

Cool weather in this morning of december in Jodhpur, kids stop to buy some sweeties, before going to school.
My last post for a while, no more internet connection....

Sweeping. Khuri

Dans le désert du Rajasthan, ce sont les femmes qui construisent les maisons , les décorent...c'est sans doute la raison pour laquelle celles-ci adoptent des formes féminines, sans véritables angles droits.
Bien entendu la raison en est aussi la nature du matériau utilisé, le pisé, terre , paille, bouse de vache qui fait de la maçonnerie une sorte de modelage.

In the desert of Rajasthan, it is the women who build houses, decorate them it is doubtless the reason for which these adopt feminine forms, without real right angles.
Naturally the reason is also the nature of the used material, the pisé, the clay, the straw, the dung of cow there which makes of the masonry a sort of modelling.

mercredi 12 mars 2008

Cutting the chili. Bikaner

The wall. Khuri

In this village of the rajasthani desert, houses are built and decorated by the women ; each house have her own personality.

Henne and glance.Jaisalmer

mardi 11 mars 2008

Water task. Jaisalmer

How explain that in this country each daily life action done by women is a pleasure for the eyes?

The wooden fork and the veil.

On the road from Pushkar to Jaisalmer, she was waiting the bus to come back home.

Daily life. Jaipur

Evening time; time to go back home for this man and his cow; light enough to keep on sewing at the window for this old woman...

The mattress. Bikaner

Sewing and sewing the matress all along the day on the sidewalk....she works in light but the others in a dark little room with no window...

lundi 10 mars 2008

Visiting a jain temple. Jaisalmer

With a priest as a guide and under the protection of the gods.

The invite. Jaisalmer

Tea break in Jaisalmer, she is all in white, but a modern style white dressing...white is the widows color in India, as well as white is the mourning color in Asia.

dimanche 9 mars 2008

The famous Pushkar lady.

Papu at home, the sun is setting.

and support the "50 million missing women" campaign:
Online petition - Call for Government Action to Stop Female Genocide In India

Three ages in women's life. Jaipur

In a lowlighted house entrance, Jaipur. i have been impressed by the symbolic meaning of this scene.

and support the "50 million missing women" campaign:
Online petition - Call for Government Action to Stop Female Genocide In India

Lost in her thinks. Pushkar

I was not in situation to connect yesterday, international women's day.
So, for me, it will be today.
thanks to them,who contribute so much to bring beauty and sensibility to this world...

dimanche 2 mars 2008

Vegetables, fruits and...faces.Pushkar

Pushkar market.

Veiled and jewelled. Pushkar

In the street, during a wedding women procession; she is not dancing, she just just did it before and now watching at the others.

samedi 1 mars 2008

Shepperd II. Old Pushkar

The pilar. Pushkar

Wedding in Pushkar, some women are dancing in the street, a few ones, others are just watching.

3+1. Pushkar

One is not in the confidence. A moment before the starting of the wedding procession.