jeudi 30 avril 2009

Phoning. Pushkar

Mobile and traditionnal heavy silver or gold jewels for these villagers. That's the eal India...

lundi 27 avril 2009

The pilar. Pushkar

Among the crowd in the entrance and exit of the ghats.

dimanche 26 avril 2009

Villagers at the market. Udaipur

Buying some vegetables. Udaipur

Inside the old part of Udaipur, a daily life scene, the vegetables seller bargaining with some customers. After, she will put back the basket on her head, and stop behind the next houses.

samedi 18 avril 2009

Banana? Pushkar

Pilgrims feed the monkeys as well as cows, pigeons...we are at the entrance of the ghats.
The shot was not easy, burning sun on the pavement and shaddy mood in the street...

vendredi 17 avril 2009

Villager. Pushkar

The typical gesture they use to do with their fingers to look at something, keeping the veil on their forehead.

mardi 14 avril 2009

Cubist temple. Pushkar

In Chittorgarh,Udaipur you can see temples like this dedicated not gods but to Rajput famous warriors.
In the collective memory, these war heroes are very important , even actually, as symbols of resistance against invaders.

The old woman and the cat. Udaipur

lundi 13 avril 2009

Happy diwali. Jaisalmer

Crowdy. Pushkar

For kartik Purnima (full moon), at the end of the Pushkar camel fair, so many pilgrims come to take a bath in the holy lake, that sometimes, there are moments of panic, everybody pushing to get out off the moving crowd; children are crying and people try to keep the contact with the other members of the family in anyway, hands on shoulders for exemple...

dimanche 12 avril 2009

Ringing the bell. Pushkar

Before or after the puja or the bath in the holy lake, devotees use to ring the bell at the ghat entrance.

vendredi 10 avril 2009

The bargain. Pushkar

During the camel fair, selling, buying, exchanging camels...

Gramin bank day IV. Pushkar

Once a month, the Gramin bank, which created the micro credits idea, opens her gate to the countryside women.
Each of them have a notebook, with what the bank had given, what she gave back.
A long queue all during the morning, and of course, they all come with their more beautiful clothes.
Just one thing; why the gramin bank trust more women???

mercredi 8 avril 2009

Contre-jour. Pushkar

Just after the bath in the holy lake, for kartik purnima.

lundi 6 avril 2009

Veiling. Pushkar

Posted during a Mc Donalds breakfast!!!! Actually out of connection...
Paradoxe qui fait de ce geste de pudeur traditionnellement ancré chez ces femmes quelque chose de fortement chargé de sensualité.