dimanche 27 janvier 2008

Wooden sticks. Jodhpur

These wooden sticked are saled, mainly to build scaffolds...
Probably my last post for a while, according to the lack of internet connection.

Bleu, blanc, rouge. Jodhpur

jeudi 24 janvier 2008

The gate. Jodhpur

The fourth (the mother) is on right, in the shade.
Yes,believe me, it is a shot taken in the blue city, Jodhpur, not the pink city,jaipur..

The donkey. Jodhpur

While she is closing her house's door, comes a donkey .
He is carrying big stones all along the day to the top of the hill...

lundi 21 janvier 2008

Namaste. Pushkar

A kind old woman I met, sitting in her house entrance during a wedding woman procession.

dimanche 20 janvier 2008

Evening portrait II. Jodhpur

Kua pujan II. Pushkar

End of the ceremony, the young mother is covered with a veil before entering back in her house.

Kua pujan. Pushkar

40 days after the birth, is the moment to choose the name of the baby; the priest propose a list, in compatibility with astral context and the parents choose.
On the picture he is applying the tika on the baby's forehead.
The baby is holded on her knees by the mother whose head is veiled.
The older women , sitting on the platform are singing

vendredi 18 janvier 2008

Water. Jaipur

some temples, as here, offer water to people who need drinking. a little window is opened in the street and somebody sitting all along the day for that.

Dancing. Delhi

Movie hall. Jaipur

jeudi 17 janvier 2008

Worker. Jaipur

Working on palace's restoration.

Cool. Jaipur

The priest. Jaipur

What do you think about these eyes?

mercredi 16 janvier 2008

Temple for Hanuman. Jaipur

Priest waiting for devotees asking for a puja dedicated to Hanuman, the god monkey.

Thinking. Delhi

Lost in her thinks...

mardi 15 janvier 2008

The veil. Delhi

During the dance...

Joy for Kua Pujan

My first night in North India, in Delhi exactly and i have been lucky to have been invited by two parents who were celebrating the Kua Pujan, 40 days after the birth of a son.
The occasion to give a name to him, choosed in a list proposed by the priest ( after consulting the astrological context).
Muslim people do the same, i remember having been invited in Jakarta ( Java) for the same reason.

Not a really sad mood, as you can see it, and a lot of traditionnal meals.
Drumming for dance, after a street procession .
thanks again to this family.
The happy mother is in blue on left side.

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