mercredi 22 décembre 2010

mercredi 8 décembre 2010

mercredi 20 octobre 2010

jeudi 23 septembre 2010

vendredi 17 septembre 2010

dimanche 29 août 2010

The offerings. Pushkar

Offerings to the Nandi, bull used as a horse by Shiva.

mercredi 16 juin 2010

mardi 15 juin 2010

Making bracelets. Nawalgarh

All these bracelets you can see in India in shops or around women's arms are maked at home. I am speaking of the little "stones" inclusion.
They put the stones on a line and after getting the plastic circle hot with ashes , they roll this circle on the stones to include them into the plastic. Stones are synthetic, of course.

jeudi 10 juin 2010

Lovers. Jodhpur

Something very rare in India: tenderness expression in the street. Very touching to see this couple when you know that. And the splendid but very closing traditionnal architecture of the havelis enhance the unusual gesture.

mercredi 2 juin 2010

mardi 25 mai 2010

Gas. Pushkar

One day in the month, the Gramin bank open her door in Puskar; Women from the villages all around come to get themonthly amount of their micro credit. (the bank trust more women than men , she have more chznces to get the money back!)

dimanche 2 mai 2010

Mother's proudness. Pushkar

Among the pilgrim's crowd, near the ghats and Rama temple.

mardi 16 mars 2010

Silhouettes. Jodhpur

Between the two women, a charpoi (bed).

mardi 9 mars 2010

mercredi 17 février 2010


This is the house gate of the young girl on left. They three are friends and you can notice how different clothing they wear.
One wear traditionnal with embroideries little pearls and arms bracelets, the others more contemporary but still close to the traditionnal colors.
Khuri is in the desrt, about 45 km from Jaisalmer; building and decorating houses is the women job, so they have the feminine touch, in decoration as well as in curved architectury.

mardi 16 février 2010

Portrait. Pushkar

In the garden of her house, in a desert village, Pushkar surroundings. She is from a gypsy family.

Thirsty. Jodhpur

Sometimes in the shady streets of Jodhpur you can feel as if you were watching at one of these Delacroix oriental drawings...

lundi 15 février 2010

Reading the news. Pushkar

Close to the Nandi (Shiva attribute)at one of the holy lake temple gate.

dimanche 14 février 2010

Saint valentine day. Jodhpur

Something specific with pigeons is that they choose each other for all their life during. Only the death of one of them can separate the couple.

jeudi 11 février 2010

Gods with holes. Jodhpur

Bad smelling. Delhi

In the very busy Chandni chowk. This man on the rickshaw was a little bit delicate, personnaly i was not affected so much by the smelling.
However, i remember once time in Agra, in the pigments chowk where everybody was coughing, sidewalkers, sellers...after a moment I was coughing myself. These wonderful indian colors are not safe, during the holi festival many accidents occure because of them.

mardi 9 février 2010

The black camel. Pushkar

Which direction? Pushkar

Some of the people who come to the camel fair are from desert villages and are a little bit lost .

vendredi 5 février 2010

The potter's family and temple. Udaipur

One of these traditional family temple in the Rajput area.

jeudi 28 janvier 2010

Shopping. Pushkar

The camel fair is an opportunity for villagers to buy what they need for daily life, which cannot be found in the countryside.

mercredi 27 janvier 2010

mardi 26 janvier 2010

Circus. Pushkar

During the Pushkar camel fair some entertainments are proposed at night to pilgrims, and all the people staying here for the fair.
One man selling tickets and another one wearing the "Scream" mask to attract customers to a circus performance.
A little bit stange to see this mask in such place...